Lisa Smith/Shamamamma is passionate about helping people connect to their soul and feel empowered. As a shamanic practitioner, she facilitates deep healing within the energy body. Her work is derived from the Inca traditions of Peru. Lisa has studied with Alberto Villoldo, and is a graduate from The Four Winds Society. 

She just completed her 1st book #Engage Tweet Book, How Leaders Bring More Energy into Work and Life.

Lisa has many talents and is a seasoned event planner as well as a shamanic practitioner. She is the co-founder of The Enlightened Mind, a community resource center for Self awareness and inspiration located in Campbell Ca. She is also the president of An Affair 2 Remember LLC , a highly recognized event planning company in the Silicon Valley. She is a dedicated mother and wife and actively involved in her local community. 

A Note from Lisa:

Welcome to my website, thank you so much for coming. I would like you to know that I don’t consider myself just a “healer.” Maybe I should, but I have a big, full life. My style is really direct and to the point. I am not what you would call a “woo woo” person and that is why I believe people who would normally never try something like this, come to me. When I first was called to do this work, I was very skeptical and judgmental most of the time. I didn’t understand why someone like me would be so called to do something like this. Now, I believe that I am here to do this work because I can speak to people who are not that familiar with alternative healing methods and they will relate to me. By trade I am a corporate event planner, and finding this tradition has completely rocked my world. However, this is the most amazing journey I’ve ever been on in my life. I am honored to have finished the Four Winds program and to have met the most amazing people along this path. I am living my truth, finally!! I hope to meet you along the way. I hope I can serve you and the planet and make everything a better and more cohesive place.

With Loving Energy,