Intentions and Setting Yourself Up for the New Year!

Here are some tips for what you can do to set intentions for the new year! 


Setting Intentions

Clearing out the old and bringing in the new!

Create a space for yourself in your home or with a group of friends. 

2013 welcomes you to world of unlimited possibilities!

What does that look like? How can we stand in this way?

Clear out the old energy! The old WAYS!

Get a piece of paper- write down for 2 minutes, habits, old thinking patterns, old ways that are not serving you any more. What are those? Find out where you hold those old patterns in your body. 

After you get it,  blow that energy into the piece of paper, then rip it up and stomp on it,  throw it in the trash!

Spend some time in meditation and feel the cleared space. 

Get a piece of paper- 

Write these things down-

  • Accomplishment & Goals
  • Setting Yearly Intentions, Focus on 3 things you would like to accomplish this year, business or personal.

These are things you want to accomplish!

How You Want to Be in Your Life?

On the same piece of paper-  write down 5 intentions of how you want to be in your life, in your work and relationships, family life.

Examples of this:

  • I want to be joyful in what I do,
  • I want to follow through with my commitments
  • I want be clear, present and happy.


Where do you want to see more creativity in your life?

Write down one thing that comes to mind.

For example- do you want more dancing, painting, learning, reading?

What are you willing to commit to, in order to expand on your creative juices coming alive- write it down.

Create a mission statement for the year! On the final part of the page, write YOUR MISSION STATEMENT FOR THIS YEAR!


Happy New Year! 


Gratitude for an article about Soul Food and a beautiful Despacho Ceremony

This article was written by a colleague of mine along with a beautiful letter of many thanks. I wanted to share it with you because it was pretty powerful for me to read. 


 What a shift I feel I have experienced after the despacho...and I know I am not the only one.  Just had a lovely note from Pranita as you know since she copied both of us and one from Kathy who forwarded the newsletter on to friends  because she was having trouble describing the experience.  

I wrote about the Soul Food experience of the despacho and I am going to create a feature on my new website to connect others to the powerful ways spirit comes to us, healing comes through us and wisdom awakens within us.  I wanted to share the newsletter this month, I just sent it out this morning...I noticed that someone click through to your website and that gives me such joy to connect others with all the flavors of our community!  Much love and blessings to you for the gift of your work and play in the world. I am feeling very full of myself, and free and clear today...and it feels yummy!

xo Mary

Soul Food

Every month, I have different features in my newsletter.  I have an opening article, a What I'm Reading and a What I'm Playing, my calendar section, (which is chalked full of goodies this month) and sometimes a segment that features some aspect of my intuitive consulting/coaching practice.  This month, for the opening article, I had so many ideas vying for attention that it was hard to decide where I wanted to shine the light.  A piece called Intuitive Know-How was the front runner after a very successful launch this fall of The Intuitive Gym, a dynamic and interactive intuitive development program. I was working on the article  and writing about the power of understanding how our senses are a guide to understanding our intuitive intelligence.  Then, this past Tuesday,  I hosted Lisa Smith at my monthly meetup and as the evening concluded, I knew I had to write a different piece for the newsletter.  As I lay in bed that night reflecting on the evening and the experience, the phrase Soul Food floated up and I knew this is what I wanted to share this month.  And how timely that this article would come during Thanksgiving week when we come together with family and friends to share food and give thanks for the bounty of our lives.  

So, I now have another monthly ritual for the newsletter (and for the website)...a section called Soul Food.  And this month, just this week, I experienced my first despacho ceremony.   In the Andean tradition, important beginnings very often involve a ceremony called (in Spanish) a despacho. Despacho can mean “sending.”  I invited Lisa Smith, a shamanic practitioner and event planner, to be my guest.  Lisa offered to create the despacho ceremony for the group and gave me a list of ingredients to buy.  The list included red beans, black beans, green lentils, rice, flowers, chocolate and white tissue paper.  A cloth is laid on the floor, the white tissue paper on top of that.  Then, Lisa creates a circle with the beans and rice.  Then, each person in the circle is given three rose petals at a time with the instruction to blow their prayers into the petals and place them in the circle.  The prayers may be for themselves, their family and loved ones, the community and the world.  

For the next 20 or 30 minutes, we were given petal after petal after petal and silently and powerfully, we blew our heart-felt, fervent prayers into the delicate petals and then small chrysanthemum flowers and placed them in the circle. Bits of chocolate were added after all the flowers were placed.  I loved this touch of sweetness at the end (everything, even a despacho, is better with chocolate!).  Lisa then invited us to place our hands over the circle and just feel, with all our senses, the energy of the despacho.  It was an incredible feeling. I noticed as we started with the first round of rose petals, the energy felt dark, heavy as if the weight of what was being released was ponderous, and as we went on, the prayers in the petals were lighter, and lighter and lighter.  That in the releasing, in this ending, there was beginning.  When the despacho was complete, Lisa tied it up with string and we took the depacho out to the chiminea in our backyard and burned it. 

There aren't words to describe the beauty of this ceremony.  There aren't words to describe the feelings and the connection I felt to the women who had gathered at my house that evening.  There aren't words to describe what it feels like to feed the soul. This wordless-oneness is a powerful experience.  And when we gather together with our imagination and intentions, it is amazing what a feast we can create to feed the world, to fed ourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving


Copyright © 2012 Mary Welty-Dapkus, MIM, All rights reserved.






July- Kindness

For many years, I have thought about the concept, how can you be kind to people? What does this mean and how can each person do one thing that is nice and supportive to someone else?


I want to help others find the best in themselves and show them to get out of their heads and feel good about their lives. I think it’s important for people to be happy, connected, joyful and free. I believe that if you do things for others, it really helps you as well. It takes you out of your head and into giving. When you send love out to the world it comes back to you. 


A few years ago around Christmas, my husband Steve and I came up with a challenge, it was to do one nice thing a day - out of the ordinary for someone. We did this for the 21 days of Christmas. It was so much fun. The people that participated got so much out of it. It was good for everyone. How can you take this concept and use it one day a week in your life? Is this something that you’d be willing to do. If so, I challenge you to do this. 


The other day we read and inspiring story on the “GoodNews Network” the story was about a man in his 60’s who went out to the corner and wrote a sign that said something like this "I have a home and a car and a job. Do you need a few bucks for some coffee?". 


Talk about inspiration- I am inspired by this man. 


What can you do today to be kind to another? How are you going to show up? 



Today I vow to be kind to everyone I come in contact with and I will try to make their day a little sweeter. 



Have a wonderful weekend. 



June- JOY

Summer has arrived! For the last few months I’ve really been struggling with writing blogs, news letters, promotional materials for both of my businesses. It’s been tough. What I’ve realized is that I have been blocked because I have taken on someone else's energy around my writing. A few years back, someone shared with me that my writing was less than par. Okay- I get it, my grammar sucks, but I’ve let it stop me from expressing myself. I’m done. I am making a choice to just express myself the way I do and do it with JOY. That is part of why this month is about JOY. 


I choose JOY from this day forward. I will honor it and marry it and keep it in my life forever. LOL! 


Writing brings me JOY. Every day I start my day off by making a list of all that I am grateful for. I see in my journal many gifts that are constantly presented in my life and that bring me JOY. If you are looking to become more joyful, I highly recommend doing this as a practice. It really does work. 


I have been asking myself for several months the question- What really brings me JOY? Where does it come from? Do I create this myself or does it just happen? 


Thinking about this is really fun because it brings awareness to how you experience life. The more you do to create JOY in your life, the better your life is. Can you find JOY in the little things? I recommend you spend some time writing down some ideas of what would bring you joy and experiment with them. What does it feel like to have this in your life? Focus on how it feels.


Spending time with my daughter and really focusing on the things that I love about her brings joy to my life. Being able to truly see her as she is, experiencing her essence brings me joy. Oh how sweet and joyful I feel when I am in her presence. Who in your family or friendships can you fully awaken to? Absorb? Connect with?

There are so many things that bring me JOY but sometimes I hold back out of FEAR! Fear that I’m too fat, fear that you won’t like the way that I communicate, fear that I will not be seen as I truly am. Fear is the big factor that is the opposite of JOY. 


One thing I have loved doing since I was a kid is boogie boarding, but I stopped doing it out of fear that my body wasn’t good enough to get in a wetsuit. DONE! I am not going to let this get in my way of JOY any longer. I have moved this block out of my energy body.


 I’ve been working on my energy to release those awful triggers that hold us back. Working on releasing this thing that always gets in the way. 


What stops you? What holds you back? I’ve noticed that my shamanic practice has really helped me to break through and release. I believe it is helping many others as well. I am here to help you release your fear and step into JOY for yourself. I will model this way of LIVING! 


So, if you see a larger woman in a wet suit taking on the waves at your local beach, know that she is living in JOY and being joyful.

Thats me!


May- Mothers and Mother Earth



When you consider May, what do you think of? I think of Mothers! We can’t forget to thank our Mothers for our lives. They gave birth to us! 


“Our Earth is like our children, you must nurture and care for it for it to grow and be healthy.”


Combining Ideas to Support your Mom and Mother Earth:


1.   Write a Thank You note to your Mom and let her know why you are grateful for her.


2.  Go out in your garden and give an offering or just water your garden and send it positive energy and appreciate the fact that it supports and serves you. 


3.  Create a gift for your Mom that represents your relationship. Send it before Mother’s Day. 


4.  Create a gift for the Earth by spending a week picking up any trash you see on the ground.


5.  Spend some quality time with your Mom, alone, connected .  Say anything you haven’t been able to. Forgive her for anything in the past and see if you can communicate with her as a woman in your life. Respect and honor her for who she is. You can do this on the phone or in person. 


6.  Plant some flowers, add to the beauty that is around you.


7.  Put together some music that reminds you of your childhood and send it to your Mom.  If she is not around, put it together for yourself. Your Mother is with you regardless if she is alive or not. 


8.  Spend some time outside, singing and connecting. Put your bare feet in the earth and be aware of the support that you receive. Imagine your body being connected to the magma of the Earth. Feel that deep connection. Ground - Get Centered. 


9.  Give your Mom a shamanic healing session, see if it is helpful for her. She doesn’t have to believe in it, she can just experience a special time for herself. And she can do it from the comfort of her own home. You must ask her for permission before you purchase this. 


10.  Send some healing energy to the Earth. Commit to making changes that support the Earth and keeping it healthy and alive. Examples of this are: use reusable water bottles & cloth bags, reduce garbage going to landfill. Do your best, that’s all you can do. 


April "Spring Out of It"

It sure is an interesting time in our lives. The year 2012 is here and all around me I am seeing structures crumbling. A lot of my friends are getting divorced and making huge life changes. There has been a lot of death around us. I see the crumbling all around me and sometimes it’s really hard to not get caught up in it. I feel the anger, frustration, and the chaos around me. My question is: HOW DO YOU SPRING OUT of the negativity that surrounds you and the depression that follows people you know? How do you not get involved energetically with all that surrounds you? I’m one of the lucky ones, I have a great marriage and solid relationships with my friends and family. But what about those who don’t have someone to help them through the tough times?  How can you just say “Spring out of it” when they are going through HELL? 


One of my best friends called me the other day, she was so upset that things were not working out for her and she was so frustrated with her failed relationships.


“That’s it”! I said, “STOP! You have the option right this moment to stop dwelling on where you are and what you think is “happening to you”! We are going to get off the phone right now and this is what you are going to do: 


First, get a paper and pen and write down EVERYthing that you are grateful for. 


Second, watch an inspirational movie like “The Shift”, “You Can Heal your Life”,  “Soul Surfer”, or anything that will uplift and inspire you. 


Third, look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love YOURSELF! 


Fourth, go back to your gratitude journal and write more. 


Then call me.” 


She did all of this and called me and told me she felt so much better. It’s Spring, a time of new life, a time of growth. You may be going through some really tough times at the moment, but you have the choice to change things, adjust your perception of things.


Do something different. Change what is going on for you, even if it’s a small change, do something different that supports you to become happier, more involved, more connected. You know what that is for yourself. You know deep down what you need to do. Take a few minutes and meditate.  The answers will come if you listen. 


Questions to ask yourself- 

What inspires you? 



Are you constantly under the gun? Do you get caught up in the craziness of life? It takes so much effort sometimes for me to sit down and actually spend quality time working on myself. Sometimes it’s so frustrating. I know. You work, you are a mom or dad, constantly trying to stay on top of the house, the social activities, just life. It gets so in the way sometimes and you are constantly trying to come up with new ways to fit taking time for yourself into your schedule. Well, I’m here to share some tips, some little ideas that may help you get yourself centered. Get yourself connected to your highest potential, or at least do something nice for yourself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend one week a month just taking care of yourself? Yea right. Never going to happen, I know, but here are some little things you can do to help yourself everyday or just once a week.


Mindful Tools that you can do for yourself.


Get outside- go for a walk out in nature, feel the wind hit your face, touch a tree and see if you can feel anything. Connect with nature and the energy that surrounds you. One of my favorite things to do is to go to Big Basin- it’s here in Nor Cal. I love to touch the giant redwoods. It feels like I’m connected to all things when I can take the time to do that. Of course, it doesn’t happen much- but there is a redwood down the street from my house that I sometimes go to and just put my hand on it and feel the energy. It’s pretty amazing and those trees have been here for many years. 


Light a candle- simple- but powerful. When you are lighting the candle, set your intention for your own healing or the healing of another person a friend or a family member. Just hold the thought in your mind while lighting and let the candle do the work for you. Let it hold energy for you and burn for you. The fire is a powerful tool of honoring.


Open up Sacred Space- Say a prayer or something that is meaningful to you in your home and connect with the four directions and the earth and heavens. Bring in what you need in the moment. This can take 5 minutes. You just call in what you need. You can do this silently or with words. It’s ceremonial, it’s beautiful, it’s yours. Close your eyes and imagine what this means for you and how you can do this for yourself.


Write a letter- spend some time alone, either writing to yourself or to someone else. This can be getting out some old wounds that you just want to go away- expressing them and getting them down on paper- then burn it. Let it go. Let the universe take it for you. You can do this with anything that you’ve been holding onto. Write it down, get it out and then let it go. This is a beautiful way to process whatever it is that you are going through.



Buy yourself some flowers- this is something I have been doing for many years. If I want  to feel really good and bring something beautiful into my life, I will go out and buy myself some fresh flowers and put them in tiny vases all around my house. It brings me so much joy to see the beauty around my home.


Turn on your favorite music and dance.......



Enjoy your life, it’s the only one you’ve got in this moment. Do something nice for yourself. The work will always be there. Connect with your essence. Take some time for yourself to be alone and take care of yourself on a deeper level.

February- Creating A Heart Centered Life

I have often struggled with this saying- when hearing this from someone or reading about living a heart-centered life, I’ve often thought, “Okay- I’m ready, but what does this really mean?” 

Here’s what I suggest you do:

First, connect with your heart. Close your eyes and breathe, letting go of all of the thoughts in your head. Imagine you are breathing from your heart like a flower bud opening and blossoming- breathe into your heart and exhale from your heart. Stay with this for a while- keep breathing and just imagine.

Second, imagine your heart expanding fully into your chest.  Stay here for a bit. Envision yourself connecting with with everything- the trees, mother earth, the sky, light from the sun and moon. Sit with this for a while and just tap into how this feels. Feel the love and energy that surrounds you and hold that feeling for a few minutes.

How does that feel? I always feel better by doing this exercise. 

Living a heart-centered life is being centered and connected to the love constantly surrounding you- living in connection to all things. We are all made up of the same "stuff," ENERGY. When we are connected to that which surrounds us, we can approach the world from a safe and loving perspective. It just takes a few minutes of breathing, imagining and connecting.

You can make a decision every day to live a heart-centered life. You can choose to become centered and pay attention to all the love that surrounds you. You can use your life to help others connect to their higher purpose as well. Pay attention to your relationships- first to your relationship with yourself and then to your relationships with those around you. Spend some time today really looking at your relationships. Do they serve you or drain you? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to bring to your life? 

After spending some time thinking about the what leading a heart-centered life means- and how you want to live- you can get your ego out of the way and focus on opening your feelings and figuring out where you may be stuck. Look at your true essence and where you come from- your perspective. 

This is the big HALLMARK month “Valentines”- so what valentine can you give yourself? 

Open your heart! Give to yourself rather than a box of chocolates, connect with your partner, move to a deeper place with your friends, families, and yourself. This is your time to live from your heart.

A shaman can help you with this by opening your heart chakra, and disconnecting the ties that bond you to your old ways. Clearing out the cords that connect you so deeply with the energies that don’t work for you anymore. I can help you connect to yourself on a deeper level. You just need to be open and ready for whatever it is that is supposed to happen. 

Take this month to really focus on LOVE - CONNECTION - BEAUTY and WHOLENESS.

With LOVE,











January- New Beginnings

I hope you all had a great holiday season. I had a wonderful time with friends and family. I also had time to connect with myself and think about the year behind me and the year ahead. I am very much looking forward to this year; it is a great time to be alive and be aware.

I love this time of year because, like most people, I view it as a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. There is always such exciting energy in the air and most people carry with them a desire to improve or make changes in their lives. That type of energy is definitely inspiring and motivating, and it makes January the perfect time to set your intentions for what you want from the New Year. It’s a clean slate, a new beginning. 

Outside of the normal “resolutions” of losing 10 pounds or keeping your closets organized, this is the time to really think about what you want for yourself.  It’s also important to reflect on what may be preventing you from stepping into your full, powerful self. Visiting with a Shaman can help you clear out old energies that no longer serve you or that may be hindering you from reaching your full potential. I can help you with clearing out unwanted energies so that you can bring fresh light energy into your Self.

Remember, our stories, our lives, are not set in stone. Our lives are fluid and your journey can change at any time. You have the choice of how you want to be in your life. You can shed those old ways of holding on to past drama and create new, more positive ways of living. For me, my hopes for the New Year are simple:  I want to be clear, feel good, be super healthy, contribute to my community, be the best person I can be, and of course lose weight. LOL. 

Today I spent the morning setting up a sacred space in my home to generate balanced energy. A sacred space is a place where I summon the balance of the four directions and heaven and earth. A sacred space allows me to connect with everything that is unseen and sacred. It didn’t take long, but it really feels a lot better in here. 

What can you do to create a great environment in your home? Ask the divine (whatever that is for you)  to bring into your space what you need for growth, for love, for connection to yourself.  What are your dreams and expectations for this year? I am here to help you discover what it is that you are looking for on a deep level - a soul level. If you want to give yourself a gift, please schedule a session with me.  Let’s clear some energy and set your intentions for what you want in the upcoming year. I look forward to seeing you.


Many Blessings,


How to Heal Toxic Thoughts by Sandra Ingerman

One night I had a powerful dream. I was standing around a water cooler with a group of coworkers.  Our conversation seemed to be cordial, but I became aware that some of the workers were sending psychic/invisible “punches” to the others. I would say to one who’d been punched, “Are you okay?” And then to the other, “Did you see what you just did?” I was shocked by how unconscious people were of their behavior.

My dream showed the power of our invisible interactions. When we observe how people behave, there may not seem to be any hostility. We may see a smile on the face of someone listening to us. But what is happening on an invisible level?

We have an invisible dimension that we call spirit—an aspect I call “who we are beyond our skin.” We can’t see this part of ourselves, but together with body and mind it makes up our whole being. Whenever we interact with others in the physical world an invisible exchange of energy is taking place too. 

Here are some common phrases we use to describe the behavior of others.

I felt beaten down.

He was kicked when he was down.

She stabbed me in the back.

I felt like there were daggers coming out of his eyes.

The group was held hostage by his behavior.

The room was filled with explosive energy.

I made a suggestion but I was shot down.

The energy of violence acts on an invisible, psychic level, but it impacts both our physical and emotional health. The energy is palpable. We simply do not feel well on any level when we live and work in an environment that is filled with anger or fear.

All indigenous cultures understand the difference between sending energy, such as anger, and merely expressing it. When someone expresses anger he or she is simply acknowledging the feeling of anger, but the anger has no force or movement that could cause harm to another. In our culture, where we only acknowledge what is happening on a visible level, we deny this other level of awareness, so we send our thoughts like “poison arrows” unconsciously, not realizing the harm we do. 

We use the term “sending thoughts” but what kind of thoughts are we sending? Are the thoughts we send to others filled with love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness? Or are they filled with hate, anger, and fear?

It is important to understand that having emotions and expressing emotions is part of the human condition. We know from research conducted that when we don’t express our emotions illness can occur. As human beings it is our right to have and express the range of feelings from joy and love to fear and anger. Expressing our emotions makes us feel alive. 

At the same time it is important for us to look at what kind of situations and interactions trigger us. We must stop the reaction and learn how to express our thoughts and feelings while at the same time transforming the energy to positive energy that is healing energy for the planet.

Throughout time spiritual teachings have taught that our outer world is a reflection of our own inner state of consciousness.  When we look at the environmental pollution and the state of the world today we are seeing a reflection of our own inner world. If we want to change the world we need to focus on changing ourselves. And this includes the need to be more conscious of the thoughts we send out.

Here are some simple ways that you can work with to transform energy:

  BREATHE: Breathing is one of the simplest ways to transform energy. When you are in a state of reaction your breathing becomes shallow. By breathing deeply you naturally transform your reactive state.

  SET AN INTENTION: When you feel upset just say the following statement to yourself: “I need to express how I am feeling right now, and I ask that the energy of my  feelings be transformed into love and light so I am feeding the world with love.” 

  THINK OF A PRECIOUS IMAGE: The energy behind your emotions goes out to all living beings. If confronted by someone who evokes strong emotions think of a loved one and impose his or her image on the face of the person challenging you. For example, you might work with the face of a baby kitten, puppy, or your favorite flower. What thoughts do you want to send to those you love?

  USE THE POWER OF WORDS: Spiritual traditions teach that words are vibration and the words we use effect our lives. As children many of us used the phrase “abracadabra”. This is actually an Aramaic phrase “Abraq ad habra” and means, “I will create as I speak.” Use words throughout the day that remind you of the energy of love.

  BE GRATEFUL: Think about what you are grateful for. Being grateful always transforms your current state of consciousness.

  PROJECT STRENGTH: Don’t pity others whom you perceive as suffering—this only pushes them deeper into a hole. When you see people in their divine light and perfection you help give them the strength they need to deal with their troubles.

  CONNECT WITH NATURE: Water can wash away your pain. As you wash visualize negative energy flowing from you and being transformed into light.  As you stand in the wind imagine the wind carrying what needs to be released and being transformed into light. Light a candle and imagine the fire transmuting your intense feelings. Or you can bury your troubles in the earth with the intention that the energy be transformed to love.

  SURROUND YOURSELF IN LIGHT: If you feel someone is being energetically hostile toward you, imagine a protective light surrounding you. Some people think of being surrounded by white light. I imagine being enclosed in a translucent blue egg. Find a color that works for you. 

Great Article from the Quero Foundation! Awesome example of the work we do!

The process of Hucha Mikhuy

Releasing Hucha is one way to cleanse the energy body and physical body. In the Andean mystical system, two distinct energies exist. The energies are Sami and Hucha. Hucha is dense or incompatible energy and Sami is a most refined quality of prana. This process is an intense cleanse which is facilitated through the Qosqo (navel)region. The  cleansing of the surface or “skin” of the poq’po (energy body) occurs, which serves as a protective barrier for both the physical and energy bodies.

In this technique, all Hucha that penetrates this layer, is cleansed. This  can be deep patterns/behaviors and emotional trauma, and simply any “heavy” or “dense” energy, having been carried for this lifetime or longer. The paqo attunes to the energy body, and draws the Hucha out through the qosqo, and Sami is extracted from the Hucha itself.

Essentially, two streams of energy are split out of the Hucha, any existing Sami is pulled out of the Hucha. The Sami is directed upward through the energy centers and the Hucha is digested and transmuted by the Pachamama. It is an actual double flow of energy, and the entire body is cleansed. The paqo uses kuyas from the mesa (medicine bundle) to assist the process. The amount of time it takes differs for each individual.

It is an amazing cleansing and one of the most powerful technique in the Andean Mystical system.

(Terms defined below)

Hucha: heavy or dense energy that is incompatible in the human physical and energy body

Sami: refined prana, that helps achieve harmony and reciprocity with the cosmos

Poq’po: energy body

Qosqo: the opening in the energy body that is located below the navel region

Paqo:  one who walks the path of spirit and practices the Andean mystical system, a mystic or Medicine man/woman

Kuya:  stone of power that carries fine and clear energy

Explanation of a Despacho Ceremony!

The Despacho is a ceremony traditional to the Andes.


The term Despacho refers to the act of making an offering. It is similar to a “give away”. It is a gift to Mother Earth Pachamama, the Mother star system Hatun Chaska, the Sun Inti and the Spirits of the Mountains Apus that places us in right relationship and right reciprocity. It establishes a linkage between our three centers of interaction and the physical Universe; our personal power, located in the solar plexus, our love, located in the heart chakra and our wisdom, sourced from our third eye, bindhu chakra. Despachos are fundamental ceremonies of the Q’eros, which involve an offering of the Mesa, or medicine bundle. This form is one of the primary ways the Q’eros manifest reality.

A Note About Healers

The healers and resources you need to heal will come to you. They show up on your path when you are ready. Sometimes you’ll resist, and sometimes you’ll think that magic has taken place when you’ve met the right match for your personal growth. Let yourself receive the healing that you need. Share your healing gifts with others. Trust your feelings and the wisdom of your body, mind and heart about what feels right and what doesn’t. Remember that healers are not your source of power, they assist you in claiming your power. They bring their gifts so that you can find yours. Listen to yourself when choosing the right person to help you on your healing path.