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The process of Hucha Mikhuy

Releasing Hucha is one way to cleanse the energy body and physical body. In the Andean mystical system, two distinct energies exist. The energies are Sami and Hucha. Hucha is dense or incompatible energy and Sami is a most refined quality of prana. This process is an intense cleanse which is facilitated through the Qosqo (navel)region. The  cleansing of the surface or “skin” of the poq’po (energy body) occurs, which serves as a protective barrier for both the physical and energy bodies.

In this technique, all Hucha that penetrates this layer, is cleansed. This  can be deep patterns/behaviors and emotional trauma, and simply any “heavy” or “dense” energy, having been carried for this lifetime or longer. The paqo attunes to the energy body, and draws the Hucha out through the qosqo, and Sami is extracted from the Hucha itself.

Essentially, two streams of energy are split out of the Hucha, any existing Sami is pulled out of the Hucha. The Sami is directed upward through the energy centers and the Hucha is digested and transmuted by the Pachamama. It is an actual double flow of energy, and the entire body is cleansed. The paqo uses kuyas from the mesa (medicine bundle) to assist the process. The amount of time it takes differs for each individual.

It is an amazing cleansing and one of the most powerful technique in the Andean Mystical system.

(Terms defined below)

Hucha: heavy or dense energy that is incompatible in the human physical and energy body

Sami: refined prana, that helps achieve harmony and reciprocity with the cosmos

Poq’po: energy body

Qosqo: the opening in the energy body that is located below the navel region

Paqo:  one who walks the path of spirit and practices the Andean mystical system, a mystic or Medicine man/woman

Kuya:  stone of power that carries fine and clear energy