February- Creating A Heart Centered Life

I have often struggled with this saying- when hearing this from someone or reading about living a heart-centered life, I’ve often thought, “Okay- I’m ready, but what does this really mean?” 

Here’s what I suggest you do:

First, connect with your heart. Close your eyes and breathe, letting go of all of the thoughts in your head. Imagine you are breathing from your heart like a flower bud opening and blossoming- breathe into your heart and exhale from your heart. Stay with this for a while- keep breathing and just imagine.

Second, imagine your heart expanding fully into your chest.  Stay here for a bit. Envision yourself connecting with with everything- the trees, mother earth, the sky, light from the sun and moon. Sit with this for a while and just tap into how this feels. Feel the love and energy that surrounds you and hold that feeling for a few minutes.

How does that feel? I always feel better by doing this exercise. 

Living a heart-centered life is being centered and connected to the love constantly surrounding you- living in connection to all things. We are all made up of the same "stuff," ENERGY. When we are connected to that which surrounds us, we can approach the world from a safe and loving perspective. It just takes a few minutes of breathing, imagining and connecting.

You can make a decision every day to live a heart-centered life. You can choose to become centered and pay attention to all the love that surrounds you. You can use your life to help others connect to their higher purpose as well. Pay attention to your relationships- first to your relationship with yourself and then to your relationships with those around you. Spend some time today really looking at your relationships. Do they serve you or drain you? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to bring to your life? 

After spending some time thinking about the what leading a heart-centered life means- and how you want to live- you can get your ego out of the way and focus on opening your feelings and figuring out where you may be stuck. Look at your true essence and where you come from- your perspective. 

This is the big HALLMARK month “Valentines”- so what valentine can you give yourself? 

Open your heart! Give to yourself rather than a box of chocolates, connect with your partner, move to a deeper place with your friends, families, and yourself. This is your time to live from your heart.

A shaman can help you with this by opening your heart chakra, and disconnecting the ties that bond you to your old ways. Clearing out the cords that connect you so deeply with the energies that don’t work for you anymore. I can help you connect to yourself on a deeper level. You just need to be open and ready for whatever it is that is supposed to happen. 

Take this month to really focus on LOVE - CONNECTION - BEAUTY and WHOLENESS.

With LOVE,