May- Mothers and Mother Earth



When you consider May, what do you think of? I think of Mothers! We can’t forget to thank our Mothers for our lives. They gave birth to us! 


“Our Earth is like our children, you must nurture and care for it for it to grow and be healthy.”


Combining Ideas to Support your Mom and Mother Earth:


1.   Write a Thank You note to your Mom and let her know why you are grateful for her.


2.  Go out in your garden and give an offering or just water your garden and send it positive energy and appreciate the fact that it supports and serves you. 


3.  Create a gift for your Mom that represents your relationship. Send it before Mother’s Day. 


4.  Create a gift for the Earth by spending a week picking up any trash you see on the ground.


5.  Spend some quality time with your Mom, alone, connected .  Say anything you haven’t been able to. Forgive her for anything in the past and see if you can communicate with her as a woman in your life. Respect and honor her for who she is. You can do this on the phone or in person. 


6.  Plant some flowers, add to the beauty that is around you.


7.  Put together some music that reminds you of your childhood and send it to your Mom.  If she is not around, put it together for yourself. Your Mother is with you regardless if she is alive or not. 


8.  Spend some time outside, singing and connecting. Put your bare feet in the earth and be aware of the support that you receive. Imagine your body being connected to the magma of the Earth. Feel that deep connection. Ground - Get Centered. 


9.  Give your Mom a shamanic healing session, see if it is helpful for her. She doesn’t have to believe in it, she can just experience a special time for herself. And she can do it from the comfort of her own home. You must ask her for permission before you purchase this. 


10.  Send some healing energy to the Earth. Commit to making changes that support the Earth and keeping it healthy and alive. Examples of this are: use reusable water bottles & cloth bags, reduce garbage going to landfill. Do your best, that’s all you can do.