June- JOY

Summer has arrived! For the last few months I’ve really been struggling with writing blogs, news letters, promotional materials for both of my businesses. It’s been tough. What I’ve realized is that I have been blocked because I have taken on someone else's energy around my writing. A few years back, someone shared with me that my writing was less than par. Okay- I get it, my grammar sucks, but I’ve let it stop me from expressing myself. I’m done. I am making a choice to just express myself the way I do and do it with JOY. That is part of why this month is about JOY. 


I choose JOY from this day forward. I will honor it and marry it and keep it in my life forever. LOL! 


Writing brings me JOY. Every day I start my day off by making a list of all that I am grateful for. I see in my journal many gifts that are constantly presented in my life and that bring me JOY. If you are looking to become more joyful, I highly recommend doing this as a practice. It really does work. 


I have been asking myself for several months the question- What really brings me JOY? Where does it come from? Do I create this myself or does it just happen? 


Thinking about this is really fun because it brings awareness to how you experience life. The more you do to create JOY in your life, the better your life is. Can you find JOY in the little things? I recommend you spend some time writing down some ideas of what would bring you joy and experiment with them. What does it feel like to have this in your life? Focus on how it feels.


Spending time with my daughter and really focusing on the things that I love about her brings joy to my life. Being able to truly see her as she is, experiencing her essence brings me joy. Oh how sweet and joyful I feel when I am in her presence. Who in your family or friendships can you fully awaken to? Absorb? Connect with?

There are so many things that bring me JOY but sometimes I hold back out of FEAR! Fear that I’m too fat, fear that you won’t like the way that I communicate, fear that I will not be seen as I truly am. Fear is the big factor that is the opposite of JOY. 


One thing I have loved doing since I was a kid is boogie boarding, but I stopped doing it out of fear that my body wasn’t good enough to get in a wetsuit. DONE! I am not going to let this get in my way of JOY any longer. I have moved this block out of my energy body.


 I’ve been working on my energy to release those awful triggers that hold us back. Working on releasing this thing that always gets in the way. 


What stops you? What holds you back? I’ve noticed that my shamanic practice has really helped me to break through and release. I believe it is helping many others as well. I am here to help you release your fear and step into JOY for yourself. I will model this way of LIVING! 


So, if you see a larger woman in a wet suit taking on the waves at your local beach, know that she is living in JOY and being joyful.

Thats me!