Everything around us is made of energy - from our own physical bodies to our cars, homes, land, trees, etc.  Just as we need to keep our own energy bodies cleansed and operating at a high frequency or vibration, it is also important to cleanse the spaces around us where we spend most of our time.   Energy can become stale or stagnant and toxic energies from emotional outbursts such as anger and fear can linger in a space.   Discarnate spirits can also inhabit spaces, especially in old houses or on land where traumatic events have occurred.

 I offer a special cleansing & blessing ceremony for your personal spaces, whether it be your home, car, office or land. I will fully cleanse the space and then purify & bless it with Love, Joy, Peace & Happiness.   

My home and business clearing combines a thorough energetic cleansing with powerful techniques to repair the energy field, aligning it with the most harmonious energy flow. I do this without requiring any physical changes to the space or reconfigurations. 

Blocked energy within a home or business can cause: 

  • Fatigue

  • Lack of energy

  • Mental and emotional stress

  • Conflict or lack of harmony in relationships

  • Sleep disorders

  • Ongoing health issues

  • Negative thinking or forgetfulness

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Business problems or lack of prosperity in a home

  • Blockages in creativity

After a clearing session my clients report:

  • A much lighter, harmonious feeling in their homes or businesses

  • Improvements in the relationships between them and others in their property

  • An increase in prosperity

  • A feeling of being more relaxed

  • Reduced stress

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Recent Home Blessing Testimonials

Since closing escrow on my home, I have been so agitated/angry at the state of the house and decisions made by prior owners. Even though I’m planning to be here a long time, I was unable to shake this huge 'buyer's remorse' which was overpowering my sense of pride at being able to buy my own home as well as my excitement at what was possible after renovation.

After Lisa Watts Smith cleared the negative energy and refilled my home with a blessings ceremony, I feel sooo much better, much more peaceful, the agitation is gone, and I know in time it will become my own as I transform it into the beautiful space and mood I desire.

A girlfriend who'd been over once briefly came by the day after my ceremony and noticed a big difference ~ she said it was a different home.

Such a huge difference my dear ~ thank you Lisa Watts Smith for the major shift and helping propel me on my way! I love love love my handmade card ~ a work of art and a beautiful way to capture the memory. I so appreciate your attention to detail and what's meaningful

Happy Happy ~ thank you Lisa!!!

Wow! What a difference in less than 24 hours! I danced for the first time in 2 years

last night in my studio area without losing my breath. I walk/almost dance now through the bar area

and feel electric. I can sit and now work again at my desk with out anxiety or pressure in my chest.

We slept for the first time without air purifiers going last night. It’s totally amazing. I feel

free again. Thank you so much for helping me/us. Words are not enough for this life- changing experience! You are magical. With love and so much gratitude.


-M (I did get permission to use this)

We had bought land in Utah and were about to begin construction of our dream home. While we loved our lot, little things kept happening there that left us wondering if that was really the right location for us. Finally, we decided to sell it and find somewhere else in the area to build. I asked Lisa to come out and bless both the old lot and the new one.

While I loved the old lot, I felt I had failed to protect the land the way I wanted to. Much of the gorgeous natural vegetation was removed against my wishes. I felt guilty for the loss to the flora and fauna that lived there. After Lisa’s work, I felt so good about the beauty and integrity of the parcel, and knew the new owners would feel the blessing. We were able to sell it almost immediately at a great price, and with no complications.

As Lisa blessed the new lot, a trio of hawks came and circled above us, taking part in the ceremony. Every time I am there, I feel such a deep connection to the land, and I feel the earth, the flora and fauna, holding me in that space with love. We are half way through construction now, and I’m so excited to have Lisa back to bless the house when it’s done. I know it’s going to be a place of peace and healing, and the energy she brought there is a big part of that feeling.

Shelly M

April 2017

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Lisa Watts Smith, Shaman, Healer, Speaker on my listing in San Jose. The home was on the market for a week and I had not had any interest on it. The Sellers were very nice people, however, they were involved in an entangled divorce situation. I asked Lisa to come and clear the energy of the home to see if that would make any difference. WOW! What a difference it made! She cleared the home of any negative energy on Friday and when I came to do the open house on Saturday I was amazed at how the house felt so much bigger and brighter. That same day an agent came to preview the property and told me she would like to bring her Buyer by that evening. Later that night I received a phone call from this same agent letting me know that her Buyer would like to make an offer. After minimal negotiations we got into contract for a sales price above the asking price and was able to close escrow in less than two weeks! This made my clients ecstatic. I’m so pleased and excited about the results of working with Lisa Watts Smith that I intend to hire her for all my listings! I’m a believer in her skills as a Shaman and have already recommended her to my friends and associates.

Edith Espinola

Realtor, Coach, Speaker

Keller Williams Bay Area Estates

After having an amazing experience of working with Lisa for my own personal development and self-healing, my husband and I decided to invest in a blessing and space clearing for our new home. When we purchased the home, we had been told that the previous owners had been fairly reclusive. Upon moving in, both my husband and I noticed a feeling of heaviness and darkness in the home (despite the home’s physical beauty) — as if there was residual sadness and pain from the previous tenants of the home. My husband is fairly skeptical of energy work in general, so I was very struck when he said that “something felt off” in the home and he was open to investing in the space clearing ceremony. I had already had such an incredible personal healing experience with Lisa that I trusted fully with the process of cleansing our home. When Lisa completed the ceremony, she shared that there was indeed great darkness and pain which had been previously trapped in the home. She was able to release it and to call in the elements that we wanted for our home: safety, security, sanctuary, healing, love and a space to cultivate community. In the following week, both my husband and I noticed a greater sense of peace and lightness in our home and around it. Additionally, visiting friends and family have remarked at our peaceful and calming our home is. Finally, my center prayer for our home was that it would be a sanctuary. A couple weeks ago, a friend said “your home feels like a sanctuary”, which feels like a confirmation of that prayer and hope for our home. Thank you Lisa for your incredible healing ability and presence!!
— Michelle M