Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing is an ancient healing tradition practiced among many different wisdom keepers. Shamans work to address imbalances on every level. A shaman can help you if you have a challenge in the physical, emotional or spiritual area of your life that is not in balance and seems to defy traditional kinds of treatments. When you are working with a shaman you are working with the energetic levels of your being and you are being assisted in removing blocks that don’t serve you anymore.

The energy medicine that I work with is based in the Peruvian Inca traditions, which acknowledges that we all have a “luminous body”–an energy field that encompasses our entire body. When we have difficult emotional experiences or trauma, it creates dense energy in the energy body. My work is to help you release these energies that prevent you from living life to the fullest. I serve as an intermediary who can help you release this energy by holding “sacred space” and calling in all that can help you for your healing. Examples would be your ancestors, the mountains, animals, and healing energies that surround you.

This practice is not religious; it is spiritual in nature, but supports all spiritual traditions. You don’t have to understand or believe in these concepts for it to work, but you do have to know that things will likely shift after a session. Your readiness to shift is an important factor. This is a sacred journey into healing once you come in to work with me. I am here to help, guide and connect you to what you need.

Energy healing has profoundly impacted my life. I love this work and I hope you get the chance to try it sometime.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is the process of shamanic journeying to find the fragmented parts of your soul and reuniting them to make you whole. During soul retrieval, a shaman will travel through the spirit realm to find a person’s lost soul part. A soul part can be lost during a traumatic event or through a series of smaller events. Once a lost soul part is found, it is returned to the person’s soul to be reunited. Although the person may have multiple soul parts missing, each soul part that is returned to its source brings the person closer to spiritual wholeness. Soul retrieval works because the person’s past fear has been faced, forgiven and released, which allows them to more fully come into the present.Soul retrieval alters the past by healing it, thereby altering the present and future as well. The universe is literally realigned to accommodate the newly healed soul. Both distant and in-person soul retrievals are available and equally effective, because the healing are performed in the spirit realm.

Remote Healing

Remote Healing is for those who are unable to be with me but want clearing or healing done. It is not always easy to find a Shaman in your location. Remote healing allows the work you need to be done regardless of the distances or time zones. It also allows you to receive healing from a particular Shaman that you want to work with. Remote healing makes healing possible when a person to be healed has depression, addiction, a contagious illness, cannot be touched for some reason, or feels more comfortable with the long distance method. Long distance healing is frequently used with children that are unwilling to sit still long enough to be healed.These ancient and powerful techniques can bring about significant change and healing for the recipient. 

To schedule a private session with me, please call 650-776-3696 or click here and complete the form. Private sessions cost $200.00 and can be paid using Pay Pal.

$200.00 per hour

$100 each additional 30 minutes

Private Session

5 Session Package $875.00

We had bought land in Utah and were about to begin construction of our dream home. While we loved our lot, little things kept happening there that left us wondering if that was really the right location for us. Finally, we decided to sell it and find somewhere else in the area to build. I asked Lisa to come out and bless both the old lot and the new one.

While I loved the old lot, I felt I had failed to protect the land the way I wanted to. Much of the gorgeous natural vegetation was removed against my wishes. I felt guilty for the loss to the flora and fauna that lived there. After Lisa’s work, I felt so good about the beauty and integrity of the parcel, and knew the new owners would feel the blessing. We were able to sell it almost immediately at a great price, and with no complications.

As Lisa blessed the new lot, a trio of hawks came and circled above us, taking part in the ceremony. Every time I am there, I feel such a deep connection to the land, and I feel the earth, the flora and fauna, holding me in that space with love. We are half way through construction now, and I’m so excited to have Lisa back to bless the house when it’s done. I know it’s going to be a place of peace and healing, and the energy she brought there is a big part of that feeling.
— Shelly M

10 Session Package Option