"I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Lisa over the past few years and I was really intrigued by her shamanic work.  Without going into any details, our house was in massive need of energy work and healing.  Lisa came over on two separate occasions and energetically cleansed the house.  I can't describe what she did, as once we opened sacred space, I left the house and left her to do her work, however, I can describe the results of what she did.  Firstly, the energy of the house felt lighter and brighter.  This house has been through some hard times and has had some people living in it over its 45 years that did not treat it well, nor were they treated well themselves.  Their struggle energy lingered here and Lisa was able to release that old energy.  Secondly, there have not been any children living in this house for a very long time.  My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for a number of years with no success.  Shortly after Lisa's second cleansing, I got pregnant, naturally, at age 39 years.  I attribute part of our pregnancy success to Lisa's shamanic work.  Lisa has since come over a third time and we did the most beautiful Despacho ceremony.  We welcomed in all the things that I wanted for myself, my husband, our baby, our families and friends and our lives.  It was a stunning experiences and I feel blessed to have done it with Lisa.  Lisa is an amazing shaman and if you are even remotely intrigued, I highly recommend hiring Lisa for a session - it can literally change your life!"


"I came to Lisa for energy work to compliment psychological healing following the traumatic, unexpected death of my dad.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but came to Lisa telling myself I would be open to whatever experience I would have.  It’s hard for me to put into words how powerful and impactful the sessions I had with Lisa were and are for me.  Each time I met with Lisa I had a different but equally meaningful experience.  What I’d like to share comes from our third and final in person meeting.  I was following Lisa’s instruction to breath, relax and just be present in the session and I had a thought about a bird and saw in my mind’s eye a large bird flying from my feet to pass over my face and continue on.  When I focused on that visual I remember thinking of different types of birds and it coming to me that it was a black eagle.  During our session, I remember Lisa saying she would sit and experience some visuals if that was all right.  I thought silently to myself wouldn’t it be interesting if she said she saw a bird, not actually thinking she would.  Afterwards Lisa was telling me what messages or impressions she had gotten and said among other things that she had a visual of my dad and I holding hands then becoming eagles to fly away together.  The magnitude of this message brought me to tears and continues to awe me each time I think of it.  I realize that each person is different and may experience Lisa’s work differently, but for me, she and her work have brought me clarity, connection, insight, peace, meaning and a great deal of healing on this journey."

Best wishes on your path…Ann   


“Lisa makes you feel so comfortable and welcome, surrounding you with her loving support. She’s a truly gifted spirit, and will gently guide you thru an awesome experience. You will leave with a total new awareness, feeling renewed and regenerated.  I was a total skeptic, and so grateful to have her in my life now.”


" Things have changed significantly internally and externally for me since our last meeting, specifically I feel much more happy and alive! I think I underestimated the experience at first, but I'm really starting to see  and feel the differences that are taking place. Anyway, I hope things are going well for you, you certainly  are a great person and have great services to offer people so I hope you stay as a presence in the  community. Take care! "



“Lisa is a facilitator into the realms of soul that we do not often get to explore.  As a Shaman, she helps to find the obstacles that delay us from moving forward freely in our lives. She is nurturing and safe and If you have never tried this type of healing before, Lisa is an excellant choice for a first timer.”


“Lisa is a highly skilled and empathic practitioner. She is deeply insightful and has a keen ability to communicate effectively and intricately with other-world wisdom. These talents allow her to facilitate healing, support, love, and guidance for her clients. I have engaged in several sessions with Lisa and have received important information as well as delightful energetic shifts leaving me feeling calm and empowered. Lisa is great fun to be with as her personality is both vibrant and soothing. I highly recommend Lisa for shamanic healing work and healing!!!”


“Lisa is certified in a particular type of Shamanic Healing that incorporates different methods of symbolism, elements, and directions.  What is great about Lisa is her personality. If you think of people who practice Shamanism as some kind of weired person who lives in the mountains with their head in the clouds who can hardly speak and barley communicates when they work on you, well…that is just not Lisa!! Lisa is mom with a full time job who likes to exercise and do yoga to stay fit. She enjoys socializing and laughing and she is just fun to be with. So if you are thinking of trying out Lisa for a Shamanic Healing session, go for it!! you will feel quite energized afterwards and you will have a better connection to your own symbolic inner guidance.”


“Lisa created a safe space for me to open up, release my emotions and  begin to heal. During our session, I actually felt energy being pulled through my body.  I did not expect such immediate and long lasting results, especially from just one session.  I was impressed with her knowledge and her innate abilities to listen, emphasize, and heal. I highly recommend her services.”

“I had an amazing experience with Lisa.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was blown out the water with her healing and guiding powers.  What I experienced under Lisa’s guidance was truly eye-opening for me and I hope that others will take this opportunity to work with Lisa.”


" I would be as open to change it it wasn't for the energy work that you and I have been doing.  You have been able to  help remove items in my energy body that have been holding me back.  I'd even venture to guess that the energy work was the most important thing that I've been doing to help my marriage.  "