I was born and raised in California. I have been married for 11 years and have a lovely daughter that amazes me daily. I am the owner of An Affair 2 Remember, a successful event planning business in Silicon Valley, where I get to use my abundant creativity to deliver unforgettable events. While my life is full on many levels, I found that I yearned for a deeper human connection and through a series of experiences uncovered I have a natural gift for healing that I now share by helping others through shamanic work. 

I am a modern day Shamamamma. I offer healing sessions to restore physical and emotional well-being while promoting spiritual advancement through shamanism.  Using Shamanic rituals and practices, I hold a sacred space that makes doing emotional work safe and comfortable for those I work with. 

I graduated from Healing the Light Body School, and have completed basic, intermediate, and multiple advanced trainings in spiritual and shamanic healing methods. I was initiated shamanic energy medicine practices in 2009. I embrace both parts of my life and walk between the two shamanically, and most recently received the full rites of the Inka Shaman in Peru from the Q'ero elders. I am co-founder of The Enlightened Mind center in San Jose which offers services to enhance self-awareness and spiritual well being.  

I consider myself very blessed to have a successful event planning business where I bring people much joy coupled with a deep healing practice where I assist others in living an inspired life. It is my privilege to share what I have learned with you

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Lisa is a facilitator into the realms of soul that we do not often get to explore.  As a Shaman, she helps to find the obstacles that delay us from moving forward freely in our lives. She is nurturing and safe and If you have never tried this type of healing before, Lisa is an excellent choice for a first timer.
— Therese