Despacho Ceremony

The Despacho Ceremony is an amazing, transformative experience that can be for you personally or shared with your family.



The despacho is a gift--a giving back of what we receive everyday in our lives. We seek, through the despacho ceremony, to bridge the ordinary and non-ordinary realms; to establish new patterns of relationship and possibility. The despacho places us in right relationship, right ayni, with the Pachamama. It establishes a linkage between our three centers of interaction in the kaypacha (the physical universe); our llankay (our personal power and source of action, located in our solar plexus), our munay (the source of our love, located in our heart chakra), and our yachay (wisdom, sourced from our foreheads or "third eye"). 

"The contents of the despacho are in part determined by its purpose. The various elements that comprise the despacho energetically interact to permit access to portals or bridges from the ordinary and non-ordinary worlds. When working in ceremony with the despacho, one is accessing the non-ordinary energetic dimensions, the source of things. Though the contents may have symbolic significance, the despacho, when performed with the correct intent, transcends literal and symbolic domains and directly accesses the archetypal and energetic realms. 

"In order to build a good co-existence with nature, the only real choice we have is to enter with our heart, wisdom, and our action. We call upon the spirits of the waters, of the mountains, and of the Pachamama to come and help us prepare the offering. We have the intent of seeking to establish and maintain a continuous dialogue with the Mother and to bring balance and harmony to our lives, and to all our relations. It is through the dynamics of love, of right thinking, and of right action that our lives become bountiful. 

Personal Despacho Ceremony

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Sacred Circles


Hosted by Shamamamma & the go2Galz

We invite you to join us to dance in the divine!

Gather with us as we create sacred space, tap into intention and stroll through nature. An opportunity to journal, share and create connection with ourselves, each other & mother earth.

Grab a friend and treat yourselves to a healthy start in the new year! Self care for your mind, body, heart and soul.



Monday, April 24th Natural Bridges State Beach 10-2



$100 per event! Makes a wonderful gift!

Cost includes lunch and a take away reminder of your day.


Contact & payments:

Lisa Watts Smith at

Tania Pearce & Suzan Walker at

We look forward to you joining our Sacred Circles.
If you have any questions or for more information about us and our upcoming events please email us. 


The Full Moon Yoga-Shaman Series 2017

Full Moon Yoga Shaman Sessions 2017
 April 9 - May 7 - June 4
Willow Glen Yoga
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

A core teaching of Yoga & Ayurveda is that we experience optimum health, clarity and peace of mind when we live in harmony with nature. The Full Moon sessions are designed to help us consciously connect to the natural rhythm of life. Join us on the Sunday before the full moon as we intentionally slow down, and open ourselves to receive the messages the universe has to offer. Each class will include gentle yoga and restorative poses led by Grace and a shamanic journey with drumming and other divination tools guided by Lisa. 

Willow Glen Yoga - Main Studio
$50 per session / $135 3-pack

To be held at: Willow Glen Yoga, 1188 Lincoln Ave., San Jose

The Full Moon Yoga-Shaman Series combines the power of the full moon, yoga, and shamanic journeying to create a unique environment for you to develop peace, magic, and intention in your life.

Each class offers a specific combination of gentle and restorative yoga, led by yoga teacher Grace Kendrick, with guided shamanic journeying, led by local shaman, Lisa Smith. 

The yoga poses create space and relaxation in your body while shamanic tools, such as drumming and guided meditation, enable you to explore and receive the ancient message of each full moon.

Delve into one or all of the classes in this series.  All offer deep relaxation, enlightenment, and a greater connection to self. 

Each person is born with at least one specific gift to share with the world.  Through shamanic journeying, you will discover your unique gifts and how to best use these gifts. 

3-pack for $135 (pre-register) and/or $50 per session

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Connecting to one’s intuition and inner guide is difficult in this chaotic world. Lisa teaches how to ground and focus through shamanic journey’s to imaginative realms where personal answers can be found. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and deep love for what she teaches and lives will inspire you to go deeper into the discovery of who you are and who you want to become.

— Sheila Ellison, Author, Teacher, Coach

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